One of the things I love most about being a composer is the process of bringing new music into the world. Of course, I can’t do that without the help of all of the incredible ensembles, and performers who learn and perform my work. My work is just ink on a piece of paper without performers.

If you, or your ensemble, would like to commission me to write a piece - I would love to collaborate with you. Of course, the rates will vary based on the length of the proposed work, and the size of the ensemble. If you would like a quote on a proposed work, please tell me a little about the work in the form below.

I highly recommend contacting me 6-12 months (again, depending on length) before you intend to begin rehearsals on the new piece. This will allow me to plan, write, and edit the work; as well as make any revisions we may find the piece needs. I find commissions to be more about collaboration - so, let’s work together on this thing. Let’s create something that both the composer and performer are proud of, and love to hear.

Depending on scheduling, I am thrilled at the opportunity to be in residency for a period of time with the performing ensemble. This may include working with the ensemble directly, allowing them to ask questions about the piece or the writing process, or in the case of education institutions, seminars or lectures with students. This may also include attendance at the premiere performance, schedule permitting. For more information about Speaking Engagements/Residencies, please inquire using the form below - particularly for information about rates/scheduling.

Once we have agreed on all of the terms, I will send out a contract for both parties to sign. If you intended for me to be in residency, that can be worked into the commissioning contract as well.


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